Assaulting the Main Fort

We begin with Tristrim and his meaty hands knocking out the bandit leader, who lands on Rhogars junk. Now it’s time to implement the plan — trick the dude into making him think he’s back in his camp and needs to report. Rohgar, Gabark and Rombolas are fake tied up outside. The guy is placed in a tent. Tristrim is dressed up like a giant officer mongo guy and Evennia is playing the roll of Isila. T&E wake him up and ask him what happened to him. Bandit leader is confused and looking for his weapon. Tristrim tells him he’s with the Merchant District Unit here to take over for some guy who died. Bandit leader says he never heard of this guy at the meeting they held a few days ago. Tristrim steers the conversation with a successful bluff check. Bandit leader says he remembers fighting a group of 5 guys when a giant dragon scared him. He continues to say that since they found scouts a few weeks ago they’ve been beefing up their numbers and all holed up in the main fort. A breeze comes (suspiciously) and blows open the tent flap. Now the guys all riled up because he saw the three tied up outside and wants to go mess up their grills. He runs up to Rohgar and asks “Are you ready to meet your maker?” More banter. Rohgar tries to intimidate him and does. He goes over to Gabark and Gabark pushed his neck all up into his sword. Raising his blade up, while watching Rohgar, swings it down on Gabark. Tristrim tries to stop him but has been eating popcorn and his hands are buttery. Gabark takes a bit of damage. Rombolas scares him and bandit guy cries on the ground.

All said there are about 500 bad guys on the island. 30% conscript, 60% military, 10% elite. All are at the main base.

Rohgar decides we should kill him, so Gabark circles behind him and chokes him out with his (Gabark’s) beard. Rombolas gives some sort of historical speech to inspire the troops.

Gabark pulls off “a massive barrage of ridiculousness” and him and his archers provide a wall of cover for the engineers. The engineers moves in to “blow the fuck out (it)”. Which they do. Boom. Big boom. Gabark and his archers provide another round of cover and the engineers take out another tower. There isn’t much above ground, and a good part is wrecked. We regroup and charge. 100ft away a giant 12ft tall ogre comes lumbering out with a giant club. Gabark orders the archers to attack the ogre and that the lease good of the catapults to be made into a battering ram. 8 arrows hit the ogre dead on causing him to get more pissed off and throws a handler. Rombolas tries to scare him with fire, but he just throws another of his handlers. And the battle begins.

Ogre comes charging in and thumbs T&E. Tristrim rings the spittle out of his hair and goes mafia on him and cuts the crap out of the ogres knee. Gabark misses and Evennia lays down a zone of happiness. Rohgar smacks him good and allows Tristrim to shift all up in it. Rombolas misses. The ogre goes and now Tristrim is bleeding out of his ears. Not to be out muscled, Tristrim rolls the second perfect 20 in a row and returns the favor. Gabark grabs the five finest archers they all miss. The mages all start firing magic missiles. The tank shows up. The ogre goes and now Evennia and Rohgar are bleeding. Tristrim tosses Gabark up on the tank. The tank shoots and bloodies the ogre. Gabark reloads it and we fire again. Direct chestular hit. The ogre is super mad, so he charged and tries to smash the cannon but misses and is now literally looking down the barrel. Gabark uses his mace to make a little bit of space and Tristrim throws some powder, Gabark’s mace, a crowbar and some forks into the cannon. Gabark throws 10 arrows into the cannon and lights it. The cannon is destroyed on the tank and the ogre is gone, save his legs. Gabark jumps up and declares “awesome!”.

We now take a rest. The engineers build the battering ram through the night. We set up a full perimeter, staggered soldiers, 1 up 3 down surrounding the entire complex. Triggering mechanism so when the front of the battering ram (cannon) impacts the wall it explodes.


Awesome entry! 150xp for Rombolas!!!

Assaulting the Main Fort
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