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After speaking with the Mayor of Glyrath he agrees to help us with the assault on the island and offers the following resources:

  • 3 ships (for artillery support)
  • 15 Engineers (for construction of camp and siege equipment if needed)
  • 20 Archers
  • 100 Foot soldiers – Local militia (armed with pikes, swords, shields)
  • 20 Kegs of gunpowder (to blow holes in fortifications and other such awesome things)
  • 20 Demolitions Specialists (to handle the stuff)
  • Trackers and Forestry Specialists – Local farmers/militia/volunteer – Charisma Check
  • 2 Wizards
  • 15 Healers/Doctors/Nurses
  • Rations to support the army for a Month
  • Daily Bombardments – Scheduled areas so camp is setup out of the kill zone

We take 2 weeks to prepare for the assault, make purchases and iron out the details. We (Evennia) decide to keep Isila alive if possible.

The regular bombardments of the island continue however the trajectory has been modified to soften Isila’s forces. As the bombardments continue we set sail for the island and decide land on the north side of the island. We land on the island and set up camp and being organizing. The trackers are sent out to recon the island. They find all the forts rebuilt, though crudely. They also see roving patrols of cavalry about the perimeter of the forts. We first decide to set up an ambush to trap one of the roving cavalry groups in an effort to steal their horses. The cavalry arrive and the trap is sprung. Rombolas sets a wall of fire, trapping the cavalry. Gabark instructs the archers in such a way that they suddenly understand how to fire their bows expertly. In a horrifying barrage of sniper accurate arrows, all 15 horsemen are downed at once. Tristrim, disappointed, runs out and stabs a few people for the hell of it. Rombolas decides not to burn the bodies in hopes of saving their uniforms. Our group procures the finest 5 war horses in the group and divvy up the remaining horses amongst the wizards and a select few foot soldiers. We send a runner back to tell the ships to move out to the fort docks to blockade the supply shipments.

We press forward to meet the opposing force at fort furt and the battle begins. A crazy man runs out of the fort screaming and makes for Rohgar. As the man approaches Rohgar jumps from his horse and tries to smash him with his weight, the man being sly of foot narrowly dodges the attack and pushes Rohgar to the ground, attacking him just after. Evennia and Rohgar swing and hit, but it is absorbed. Gabark fires one off in the woods doing nothing, sweet. Rombolas curses the man and attacks, burninatin. Tristrim misses, spends an action point and…misses. Knifey guy shifts like 4 squares and smashes Rohgar with everything he’s got, bringin him to near death. He spins around for another swing and puts Rohgar down. The man shifts for Evennia and Evennia misses. Rohgar continues to die and Gabark sends an bear trap arrow flying, catching the man right square in the back. He shrugs off Gabark’s best attack and the group decides to call in the army in waiting. Two wizards and a medic are seen approaching in the distance. Rombolas walked over to Rohgar and made his best attempt to cauterize his wounds, doing a pretty good job. Blows are exchanged, Evannia heals Rohgar and brings him back from the dead and Rohgar pulls off the miracle turn, damaging the dude and healing himself further. The wizards arrive and Garbark instructs them to put the hurt on knife dude. An explosion of fire erupts from Rombolas’ hands into the guy’s face and the man is bloodied finally. Knife guy totally freaks out, spaz. Tristrim lifts his halberd high and brings it down hard on top of the knife guy. Knife man swings at Rohgar and misses. The wizards shoot mighty magic missiles at the knife fighter but its all absorbed, shit. Evennia swings and misses. The medics show up and Rohgar instructs them to standby and be ready for him to be hurtin. Rohgar misses and spends action point, and crits, woohoo, but still absorbed. More hits, more absorption WTF. Rombolas burns and Tristrim chops, finally no more absorption, the group start cuttin him down again. Knife fighter swings and misses for the final move of the evening.


Awesome log entry! Give Gabark 150xp.

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LOL We (Evennia) Nice.

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