Late ass getting going

DM tazes himself because he so bored.

We take forever to level up and play because we want Danny to taze himself.


We begin by looting. We find 7,000 gold and load up on general supplies like rations, ammo, and other provisions. Isila, Boulderbeard, and Gabark will hold up at Farmer Joe’s while the rest of our party takes news and supplies to the city. Finally emerging from the depths of the dungeon, we are stopped by a group of savages. Even though Evennia was awesomely diplomatic and said we come in peace in masterful Christopher Lee-like Role Playing, they decide to attack us anyway. I am not so good at battle commentary, but they have this huge Thug thing that dazes Roghar. That sucks. This other guy uses some kind of dancing lightning attack and hits 3 of us. (We take a quick 5 mins to have a giggle fest about strange noises.) Gabark bloodies the giant thug with a daily and the thug is quickly taken down. We put up quite a fight and we get down to one enemy. He proves to be a sneaky bastard, though, and takes several of us to bring him down. Gabark and Tristrim proceed to urinate on his corpse (gross).

DM says something awesome and I quote: “Things on the Island are uneventful except for the chaos.”

We sail to the mainland. We arrive at Farmer Joe’s to find Jesus pig in awesome condition. Walking on water and such like. Roghar, Evennia, and Tristrim leave the others at the farm and head to Glyrath. Our homecoming to Glyrath doesn’t live up to Roghar’s expectations, but it seems a joyous occasion. The mayor asks for a recap and Roghar reluctantly with an “uhh….” recaps the events. We unload the ship and give the city back their stolen goods and Roghar gives 3,400 gold to the family and loved ones of the fallen and makes the rest of us look like Chaotic Evils. Tristrim then tells the mayor a lie and says the real culprit of the Island was a man named Quasar.
After a good rest in Glyrath, we head back to the farm to reconnect with the other members. We decide to head out west to the Stone Summit so that Gabark can face his demons. We give Jesus pig a pat on the head as we embark on the road. Many dwarves ambush us on the road. They look sickly and starving. They cry out “We must not let them reach the summit!” Gabark tries to tell them to stop attacking. They keep coming at us. Boulderbeard and Gabark deliberate about whether or not to kill their kinsman even though they seem a bit “off.” Evennia and Gabark yell to Tristrim to throw some of his 41 pounds of dried meat. They scramble and fight for the meat. Each dwarf eats about 2 pounds of meat. Sated, the dwarves tell Boulderbeard and Gabark that they were attacked from the inside and all they have worked for are all gone. All the women and children are dead. Gabark looks at his brother declares there is murdering afoot.


devfrag Advent

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