Substitute For Kevin

Wait…what? I dunno…shut up

The party sleeps in the dungeon, it was uneventful (suprisingly for a Danny Campaign, perhaps the doom is to come). The party ventures carefully down the halls being quite stealthy, until Rohgar and Tristrim come to a door that Gabark had passed. The stealthyness is broken by the SMASH of Tristrim “lockpicking” the door with his giant club. Rohgar stepping in gets smashed by a giant rock, fantastic, oh and he’s unconscience.
Moving on, Gabark takes to shooting blindly down hallways, then gets nice and personal with the wall.
Trudging forth Tristrim takes a side way and falls into a small pit filled with small slits that contain crossbows, riddling his legs with bolts. After a fumbled attempt at Dwarven Medicine from Gabark, Evennia comes to the rescue!
Along the way the party encounters an extremely sturdy metal door. The party tries several methods to open the door but it defies all conventional methods of thievery and muscleyness.

Then there was a tornado warning in Indiana and we had to stop =(
Be safe you guys.


devfrag brownzerg

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