The Assault part 2

The opening round….everyone misses. Sick of this crap, Tristrim takes his turn to hit a critical. Knife guy tries to run in a rage toward the mages and Gabark. The mages slay him with 4 rounds of magic missiles.

Looting after the battle, we notice this fort, which we had overtaken before, (DM quote “f***ing trashed the place”)has been reinforced. We find food and provisions, but the greatest find is a damaged cannon with about 15 cannon balls. The body of knife guy yields a Sweet Knife we take for Rombolas.

Using Tristrim’s athletic leadership, our army manages to break through the west lines. Roghar tells the mages to assist in getting a message to the engineers. They decide to command a bird to fly a written message to the engineers telling them to come to the fort with tools and begin making siege engines. Gabark begins to fix the cannon like Forrest Gump assembles a rifle. (GOD DAMMIT GABARK! YOU ARE A GOD DAMN GENIUS!) We rest to wait on the engineers.

Roghar and Gabark talk to the dwarven engineers and plan to make a Medieval Tank out of provisions of the fort and the cannon.

We go back to battle taking care of a weak point where our side has been annihilated. We must defeat the enemies in 8 turns. (I can’t remember all the details because Sean is making me laugh too hard.) The round opens with some sweet dodging and defense by Evennia. Many opportunity attacks hit and one enemy dies by the start of the 2nd round. Tristrim takes heavy damage. He goes down and his regen brings him back. The bandits are crapping themselves with fear. (Yes…poop.) Tristrim uses the momentum of his arm reattaching from regenerating being down and dazed to hit 4 enemies with Sweeping Strike. The leader, however, manages to transform Tristrim into a rat. Roghar puts Rat Tristrim onto his shoulder to keep him safe and Tristrim squeaks in appreciation.

After some exchanges, Tristrim is back, but Roghar is now a squirrel. After Roghar comes back, Tristrim gets made into a piglet. We manage to kill all the bandits in turn 7 but the leader who is turning everyone into animals is still alive. Many shots miss and things are not looking good. Intimidation is our only option and we need to get a 27 or better…and Roghar BARELY rolls a 28 intimidate saving us from an invasion.

Heading back to check on the tank, Gabark helps and it is finished. This ends assault day 2!


Another wonderful log entry by Beth. Give Evennia 150xp.

The Assault part 2

Had to include the Forrest Gump/Gabark line.

The Assault part 2
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