Well we killed the big guy..?

With the giant ogre slain the army settles down for the night, it is a unifying hope that the night shall treat them well..miraculously it has!
Fashioning a battering ram throughout the morning the army deploys it with perfect precision.
So precise that debris from the explosion comes back and hits tristrim and rohgar.
The door flies into a rage and is eliminated, the fortress has been breached!
Upon inspection Gabark sees things that remind him of possible trap and enlists the help of the mighty Rombolas to assist with the disarming of said traps.
Unable to discern anything of the trap its decided instead to shield the trap and endure instead of disarm. The trap sprung, bars come down taking the life of one soldier and injuring another. Stranding Gabark inside a room with manned firing positions.
Solving the obstacle of the bars with an explosive the party spills into the room.
With some ingenuity Gabark invents the grenade. The party delivers them into the firing slits in the hopes of sploding whomever was back there, aided by Tristrims expertly STABBYSTAB action.

Pinned in this room the party tries to lay a trap for a group of reinforcements coming down the hallway. The plan seems to be executed well, the first wave is handled swiftly. Rombolas wings a firebolt down the hall and splodes some dudes. Evennia unfortunately throws short of her mark and her grenade. Gabark flings arrows true over shoulders to find exposed parts of enemies. Tristrim burned his hands, things happened stuff went down and then the session ended

tune in next week


devfrag brownzerg

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