Deciding to get out of smashed and burned guys room and leave the archers behind, we head south down the hallway. Rohgar peers around the corner and doesn’t see anything. Using his shield to peek around corners, he continues down the hall not seeing anything. Gabark, feeling the wall surface, notices a well crafted button in the wall and pushes it, opening the next door we come across. Inside the room there are stacks of crates. Rohgar cracks open a crate and in it is filled with supplies. We begin to sifting through them and looting. We arrange to carry the supplies up to the surface to our awaiting army. Word from above tells Rombolas that we have broken through the lines with 20 casualites and no sign of Isila. They have killed an additional 50 soldiers and taken 45 prisoners. We are left with 3/4 of our force.

Moving along to the south door, Rohgar steps through and iron bars slam down on all 3 doors in the supply crate room, trapping us in the crate room and Rohgar in the southern room. Unable to figure out a way to move the bars, Tristrim and Rohgar attempt to crowbar the bars apart. The crate room ceiling begins to lower. Frantically we stack boxes to try to block the ceiling. Gabark yells to the archers in the hallway to push that button that let us in the crate room to begin with. Miraculously the ceiling raises and the iron bars raise.

Deciding to go forward, we move into the next room and Gabark notices some pressure plates. Gingerly we step over then and proceed. Gabark inspects the next door we come across, noting that its a regular door. Tristrim decides to headbutt it, and it opens just fine. Gabark notices no trappiness in the room. Rombolas perceives no magic, however Tristrim says “Outta the way nerd. I know magicks when I see it.” Tristrim notices, with his sudden Arcana knowledge, a chest. Inside it contains 2700 gold. Gabark takes care of the next door and Tristrim and Rombolas have a little girly wrestling match out of boredom.

Tristrim heads into the next hallway finding a stairwell and he heads down with a mighty “tick tick tick tick.” We are led into another maze of hallways. Splitting up to explore faster, one of the archers decides to mess with a door and green gas pours into the room knocking the archer out. Rombolas also falls peril to the gas, muttering obscenities as he falls into a sleep. Gabark holds his breath to attempt to step into the gas cloud and try to examine the door that triggered the trap. He can’t hold out, however, and soon falls into the sleeping man pile. Rohgar tries to ram the trap door and buckles it. Unfortunately Rohgar, too, can’t hold out against the gas and adds bulky lizardness to the sleepy pile. One of the mages attempts to freeze the nozzles shut and slows the gas.

Hearing clamor in the upper hallway, Tristrim and Evennia turn around from the southern hallway exploration and head over to where the rest of the party members are. Gabark and Rombolas manage to wake up and move out of the cloud. Unfortunately Rohgar’s face is right on the nozzle. Gabark attempts to dent the nozzle with his shield and fails, managing only to smash Rohgar’s big boy parts. Tristrim comes up behind Rombolas and Rombolas tells him “Man….this sucks.” The mage manages to freeze the second nozzle and Tristrim pulls Rohgar out of the cloud. Tristrim then smashes the door and we head into the room behind the booby trapped door.

Beyond the crappy gas door, we find 2 large (and in charge) orcs and 2 archers. Tristrim throws a piece of wood at an orc and he runs away. The orc gets mad and runs through the door after Tristrim. Rombolas shoots a fireball and misses. Gearing up for the worst fight ever, Gabark opens with his daily, hits…..and the orc is dead?!?!? Gabark is pissed he burned his daily. Tristrim charges through the gas and back into the room and bloodies the next orc. Evennia moves past the gas and into the room ready for battle. Gabark edges just outside the gas cloud in the hallway and Rombolas makes it into the room. Tristrim swings his halberd in a widdershins arc and hits all three enemies bloodying one. The archers manage to hit Tristrim with arrows.


I just want to say that this was fun and I really missed DnD :) Thank you Danny.


You’re welcome Beth! As always, an epic adventure log entry. 200xp for Gabark!

devfrag Advent

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