We set up a mighty defense in the ‘reception’ area of the dungeon. Suddenly, footsteps from down the north hall way. Some sort of wall-ish contraption is being pushed down the narrow hallway, and we notice a lever being activated and the bars in the entranceway slam down again. The moving wall makes its way closer and a few flaming balls are tossed over it into our area. Peculiar things, leaking some sort of flammable gel. We quickly decide to toss the couple of corpses on them, hopefully smothering them. Gabark lets loose a volley of fiery arrows into the wall/table thing. One of the balls decides it’s time to blow up, spewing its sticky fire glue onto most of the group. Rombolas welcome the acidic, napalmy goodness and embraces it lovingly. Gabark gets a good splattering and it begins to eat away at his chestpiece. Evennia, too, is smothered and her armor starts melting away. Oh no! Rohgar and Tristrim and try to deftly scoop up some of the volatile goop and utilize it to melt the bars between the ball tossers and their harbingers of death. Whilst they are occupied with this, Rombolas channels the power of one thousand suns and hurls his concentrated conflagration toward the bars, effectively warping them, through to the feeble table. Gabarks makes an reflexive attempt to shoot arrows through the flying fiery boulder, but he’s blinded by the unholy fires of hell. The perpetrators expectedly withdraw. Gabark craftily manages to raise the pressure plate in the floor, causing the bars to the east and north to raise back up into the ceiling. The dwarf then decides to attempt to pick up one of the glowing, superheated, 2 inch thick bars which broke off when the mechanism was raised. Somehow he manages to shoot it like an arrow down the hallway and down a flight of stairs. We hear a man go, “AHHH what the hell! AHHH! FAAAHK!” Intrigued, we decide to witness the poor sap and his shitting-themselves-with-fear cronies. Rohgar challenges Tristrim to a going down the hallway first contest. Tristrim accepts. We decide the winner by picking up one of the remaining red hot steel bars and the first to let go loses. The lizard’s scaley talons are no match for the calloused, meaty, norseman-like palms of Tristrim. Tristrim goes first. Going down the hall, we see the glowing rod, impaled through the poor guy’s nards. His friends nowhere in sight. There’s a door to the right, Rohgar wants to bust through it. Tristrim agrees. The meat duo decide to bust the door down with a simultaneous headbutt. After three attempts the door is ever-so-slightly budges. Gabark saunters over and declares “Hey guys, check this out.” Gabark reaches for a latch and the door creaks open. Rohgar curses the confounded contraption. We go into the small room, there is a narrow pit, covered with iron bars. Rattling sounds can be from inside. Rohgar cracks a sunrod and drops it down in there. A swarm of rats are seen gnawing on a decayed body. An iron chest can be seen down there as well. With many mighty “Eek!”s, the rats get burninated by Rombolas. Gabark inspects inspects and easily figures out the lock while Evennia keeps an eye out for ambushers. Inside we find: -3x carved banded agate (171 gp each) -3 x crown azurite (174 gp each) -2 x crown blue quartz (189 gp each -3 x uncut sardonyx (176 gp each) -falchion (phb 218) -4065 gp After all that the stout one knocks upon the iron door in the other corner of the room. Nothing happens. Rohgar inspects the door and finds a lever. Rombolas rolls a fuckin 20 thievery and notices another lever on the door and sees that it allows the lever to have two settings: left or right. He reasons that if it pushes to the right it will open. And so it does. rRhgar goes down the hallway and peeks around the corner to find another door. Walking down the hall to the door off to the left is a yet another door. Gabark attempts to sneak in the room but his beard is too loud or something and the enemies are very well alerted to our presence. Oh shit it’s epic knife guy again! Gabark, Looney Toons-style, remembers the burning, horrid acid on his chest from 3 scenes ago is still on him. Fuck it burns! Knife guy charges Gabark and swings at him, and the dwarf shifts away to safety. Safe for him but not so much for Rombolas. An archer Robin Hoods an arrow into Rombolas’ face and drops him like a deuce. The crafty dwarf uses his ranger powers to masterfully rewind time and negate the deadly attack, causing it to miss completely. The devil tries to burn some foo’s but chokes amidst the storm of attacks headed his way. He runs away. Tristrim charges from the back and swings!.. and misses. Rohgar, mighty warlord makes a feeble attempt to damage stabby guy. But he divinely inspires Tristrim to swing again, this time hitting for 11 points of damage while arrows fly just overhead. We begin to strategerize and decide to fall back into the room with the floorpit to lure the enemies down that way. Evennia healing the fighter on the way. Mr. Stabby follows, gashing open the lizard with his mystical dagger. The archers continue to miss. Gabark leaps up the walls Jackie Chan-like and breaks open a healing potion into Rohgar’s mouth. Restoring his dragony vitality. The archer readies his Insightful arrow and launches it into Rohgar. He shouts back for another potion. Rombolas sits Gabark down for a 6-second college lecture on the history of poison-tipped arrows. Rohgar being the last to retreat heals himself on the way while Evennia uses magic paladin healing on him as well and Tristrim tosses a healing potion at him. They’re soon followed by Mcstabberson and as soon as he is in sight Rombolas unleashes the Flames of Fellacio upon him. Tristrim being in front gets swung at with the doomly dagger and is missed. Mcstabberson being in the doorway, Tristrim flips the door switch to the left and 2 nozzles in the ceiling above him spew a shower of fire upon him for 35 damage. Tristrim flips the switch to it’s center position and the douche is pinned in the heavy iron door and it continues to crush him. Rohgar and Tristrim seize the opportunity and start headbutting him, Gabark joins in. After a few hits Rombolas steps forward and commands him to tell us what we want to know and Stabby guy monotonely replies "No, I will not tell you anything because I am being crushed by the door I put together. The door continues to crush the guy and it finally closes completely on him, cracking bones and squeezing entrails etc. Rohgar steps back and lets out a quiet exhale. Turning back to the rest of the group he spouts “I guess he couldn’t (retracts lizardy eye membranes) handle the pressure.” YEEEEEEEEAH. With that way shut, we turn back to retrieve more of our soldiers.

Evennia 5500
Gabark 5550
Rohgar 5775
Rombolas 5100
Tristrim 5725


devfrag Railed

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