Half Elf Paladin


Born to an Elven mother and Human father, Evennia was raised a devout follower of Bahamaut. Her hometown of Glyrath consists mainly of solemn, strict nobles that pride themselves on their devotion and lawful adherence. Having a knack for protecting and healing, Evennia’s father nurtured those skills early and by age 17 she was trained and placed into the Noble Guard of Glyrath. She found it challenging and interesting in all aspects. Her love of prayer and religion was accelerated and she was able to learn and hone new skills.

One day Evennia and her closest friend Drage were sent on Guard business to the outlying farmlands. They were tasked with eviction of a farmer named Thail and his family of four. Under law, Thail had neglected to tithe his required amount of grain to the Church for one harvest. Upon arrival it was obvious by the look of the crops that they had failed to produce for some time. Evennia entered the small farmhouse and found Thail had been victim of Moss Fever, his wife and children desperately trying to heal him and feed themselves.

Drage asked how long this had been going on and why the crops were failing. The wife answered, fighting tears, “It was the waterway sir. Ever since the Church diverted the river our crops have failed to grow. Thail was trying to gather his own source of water and fell ill from using the water from Moon Forest.”

Evennia and Drage stood quietly in the farmhouse, unsure of what to do. Drage whispered, “I will not evict them for the fault of the Church. I will go and inform the Clergy.” Evennia agreed and stayed to attempt to heal Thail’s fever.

After 3 days Drage still hadn’t returned. Puzzled, Evennia left for town in search of her friend. She arrived home to tell her parents of Thail and the Church’s hand in their plight and ask her parents about Drage. She was quickly told that there was a warrant for her arrest. The Church had declared Drage and Evennia defectors for refusing to enforce Holy Tithe. Drage had already been charged with Rebellion and expelled from the Guard and evicted. There were no hints of his whereabouts. Evennia’s parents begged her to confess that it was Drage alone who defied the Law and they would try to help her get a pardon. Seeing that her parents weren’t willing to except that Thail was innocent and the Church was guilty, Evennia hugged them both, told them she would go to the Clergy immediately, and left Glyrath for good.

Denouncing her former Ethos and God, Evennia wanders in search of true good. She no longer accepts that strict following of law is the only path to holiness. She wanders the world searching for Drage and for ways to spread hope, peace, and goodness to the oppressed.


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