Doctor Rotani Soci

The life of luxury is all Rotani (Ro for short) has ever known. Born to a wealthy family of nobles in Glyrath, he has experienced nothing but the finest life has to offer. His mother and father are members of the Glyrath city council and have been for many years.

His profession was chosen for him at an early age. He began studying to be a physician at the tender age of 10 and is one of the best physicians that Glyrath has to offer, assuming he’s in comfortable accommodations. His latest assignment has frustrated him somewhat as he’s been assigned as the ships doctor for the royal navy. Basically he serves wherever needed.

He met our party on the HMS Courtland. Although no formal introductions were made, except for Rombolas. Thanks to Gabark, Ro is still alive.

Now on the island off the eastern coast of Talorn, Rotani is completely out of his element and sorely misses the finer things in life.

Doctor Rotani Soci

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