The Dûm-Forge


They reside in an underground fortress located underneath the volcano Zhadûm in the western mountains. Their fortress is concealed by a rock door and many travelers who wander into their territory don’t return.


The founding fathers were originally members of the Stone Summit. They were exiled for their desire to conquor and expand their terratory, something the Stone Summit is very opposed to. They traveled south and found a cave below the volcano Zhadûm, carving it out to create their fortress. They abandoned Moradin in favor of Bane, and became Evil. They frequently raid surrounding farms and villages for supplies, and to expand their “turf”. Their ultimate goal is to take the Stone Summit fortress, which is much larger and better equipped than theirs. They have tried a few times with little success. Members are not allowed to leave.


They are best known for crafting some of the hardest plate armor in all of Talorn. They use the fires of the volcano to forge steel, rather than the coal forges of the Stone Summit. Their goal is to create plate armor strong enough to withstand strikes from a Stone Summit Axe. Though their craft is a century behind the Stone Summit, they may one day catch up due to their access to hotter burning forges. No set of Dûm-Forge armor is yet known to exist outside of their faction.


“Your life is not given to you, it must be taken. Our glory will only be defined by what we are able to conquor. Total glory will only be attained when we become invincible.”

The Dûm-Forge

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