The Stone Summit

The Stone Summit is a very old and xenophobic line of dwarven axe makers and melee combatants.


They reside in an underground fortress located in the western mountains. There is no locked or secret door at the entrance, just the words “Stone Summit” carved in the common language into the rock opening. To any educated traveler this is enough warning to keep them away.


The Stone Summit is a very tightly knit clan of dwarves. They are Lawful Good and devoutly worship Moradin. They see outsiders as a threat to their culture and stockpile. All Stone Sumit males are required to be trained in melee combat and they are very proud of their skilled fighters. Throughout their history outsiders have attempted to raid their fortress but have always failed. They allow their members to leave peacefully, if they wish, and hold no grudge. Departing members never bear one of their famous axes. It is not known how many members there are in total.


They are best known for crafting the deadliest battle axes and great axes in all of Talorn. It is said that a Stone Summit fighter weilding a Stone Summit Axe can bring down a tree with one swing. They do not share or sell their axes with anyone who is not born into their clan. Over the past few centuries a few of their axes have made it outside of Stone Summit control but are generaly so sought after its more dangerous than worth it to pursue one of them.


“Let the outsiders squabble and tear at eachother for land and wealth. The Stone Summit will always have what is rightfully ours. We are as unshakable as the mountain above us.”

The Stone Summit

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